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To maximise the potential of your asset, establishing a strategy is paramount to the efficient and effective management of the Valuable Asset. To achieve this, we will coordinate a planning session where collaboration is encouraged between all stakeholders, and at this planning session, we will present our strategy, action plan, and goals.

Custom Commercial Projects

We envisage a three-step process:

We come together to create a shared vision for the delivery of your valuable asset as a multi-dimensional large commercial project, including specific actions being identified.

We maintain an ongoing, positive working relationship at all levels to ensure goals are achievable, established, actioned, and measurable.

We value accountability, and our commitment is to roll out the agreed strategy with efficiency, transparency, and with the ultimate goal of delivering an exquisite asset.

Extensions & Renovations

When your business expands, the workspace can become a little cramped. If space becomes an issue and starts to affect productivity and operation, it’s time that you consider making a commercial extension. Lucy Commercial is ready to work with you to create additional space for your employees or tenants to ensure comfort, appeal, and value.

Lucy Commercial’s in-house expertise in the building arena encompasses a wide range of products, from high-end residential projects and large DPTI Civil Works to Sports Facilities and Factories, Apartment Buildings & ILUs.

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Our Process

Florin is involved in every step of the construction process, and he and his team deliver exceptional outcomes and a personally managed building solution from start to finish.

Offering both residential building and commercial construction services means we have the flexibility and the know-how to merge elements of both to achieve a blend of commercial look and feel but with a residential touch where required.






A Small Initial Design Fee

Together we create your ideal design by matching your vision with our industry experience. You can spend as much time as you need explaining your preferences to our experienced designers.

We believe you’ll appreciate the value of the experience we will offer: positioning the building to maximise natural light, ensuring energy efficiency, and taking sight lines into account.


3D model of your Commercial project

We will develop a 3D computer drawing of your commercial building, which you can view on our monitors. This is a brilliant way to transform initial drawings into a vivid, three-dimensional view of what your new property will eventually look like.

Seeing your design this way will also offer the opportunity to refine your vision, make changes where needed, and make sure you end up with a design you love.


A realistic cost estimate

We will develop a detailed estimate of the full cost of designing and building your new commercial project based on the vision and design you have described to us. Our commitment is to make this estimate as accurate as possible for the ease of mind of our clients. We prefer complete transparency with no unpleasant surprises after you have signed your contract.

Council Approval

We’ll take care of submitting comprehensive plans to your local council and obtaining approval. If any amendments are required in order to satisfy your council, we will make the necessary changes to the plans.

An accurate, transparent quote

By commissioning soil reports and a contour plan, we will deliver a highly detailed, accurate, and sealed quote. Only you can change this price should you request changes or additions to your agreed specifications. A small payment will be requested at this stage, to pay for the reports from our suppliers.

Construction Schedule

Once we receive approval from your local council, we usually take less than 12 months to complete the construction of your new commercial building. The actual length of time will be agreed upon in your building contract because it will, of course, depend on the design and complexity of your project.

We use the CAP construction system to ensure a calculated, sensible schedule.

Once you have moved in, we’ll keep in communication soon after to ensure everything is working well and up to your satisfaction. Florin always enjoys hearing from his clients how happy they are with their new commercial property!