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Lucy Commercial was established in 2004 and has maintained resilient relationships with all stakeholders, which are characterised by respect and reliability, a long-term focus, transparency, integrity, and a tailored approach. At Lucy Commercial, our primary focus is working hand-in-hand with the clients, project superintendent, and engineers on the job to ensure your assets are maximised across the board.

We have a reputation for forward-thinking and the delivery of efficient asset management services, including financial, operational, development planning, and strategy. We grab hold of opportunities to showcase our professionalism and preparedness to work hard and diligently on any upcoming projects to bring to your exquisite project our exquisite work ethics, animated by our deep convictions in life to show exemplary performance and leadership.


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We have a strong team, and we’re expanding in our key South Australian market. Our experienced Management team is equipped with skills across Lucy Commercial’s Pillars of Management, and this comprehensive and integrated approach enhances your asset’s position in the marketplace.

We are here to work for you and are excited about partnering with you. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss our recommendations. Please see our our 2022 Builders Profile.

Florin Farcut

David Tula
Project manager

Bianca Van Eckeren
Project Administrator

Sarah Farcut
Project Administrator

Alex Farcut
Site Supervisor

Damien Lawless
Site Supervisor

With our extensive experience in the market, we are confident that we have the right people with the right skill sets, experience, and commitment to excellence. Our strong team culture and collaborative approach, together with our years of experience, place us in a strong position in the commercial building market in Adelaide

Each team member holds the appropriate qualifications and licenses and has suitable industry experience. Each team member is also equipped with a mobile phone and laptop to ensure they can attend to issues that might arise, whenever and wherever.


HIA Member

HIA Winner 2016

HIA South Australian Custom Built Home

Australia's Best Houses

Nomination for 23 Shelter Row,
Craigburn Farm (2020)

Nomination for 46 Blackwood Park Blvd,
Craigburn Farm (2021)

Lucy Commercial

We Design Commercial Projects to Help Create a Masterpiece


Lucy Commercial prides itself in bringing luxury and high workmanship to every project with its extensive portfolio of custom designs and innovative style.

Lucy Commercial

Our experience and skills in the commercial construction industry means we build better houses than your average builder.

Lucy Commercial Projects has delivered a wide range of construction types. These include multiple dwellings, 2 and 3 storey houses, tilt up constructions and suspended concrete floors.

Lucy Commercial is now working on The Ultimate Luxury at Dusk Apartments. These extravagant seaside apartments at Henley Beach, Lucy Commercial was proudly appointed to complete this masterpiece and we could not be more delighted along with other high-density housing projects.

Lucy Commercial is certified to the international Quality Standard ISO 9001 and Safety Standard ISO 45001. Click here to view our Quality and Safety Statements.